That Dream

To her fury, he was the calm

Everything else faded away, the moment she saw him on the way

His glimpse was just enough to make her day;

To her hustle, he was the peace

Everything else seemed so trivial, the moment he held her

His touch was enough to make her heart flutter;

To her eyes, he was the light

Thousands of expectations and hopes lit her way,

When he guided her in the night so dark and gray

For her life, he was the necessity

His voice would put her at ease, his embrace would comfort her like a light breeze

He was her beautiful dream, angelic enough to make her gleam;

This is something she wants every day, this is the dream she sees every day.

6 thoughts on “That Dream”

  1. A wonderful interpretation about the beauty of love,feelings and the emotions that are essential to the foundation of human life.We fight,we strive,we howl and we laugh tugged with this feeling called love.
    keep penning down your thoughts,dear.


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