While Growing Up!

The chirping of the birds was real, the view of sunrise was surreal,

When love was unconditional, life’s joy was at pinnacle,

When the friendship was true, the days were not so blue,

Playing around the park, we could always find a way through dark,

By a mere assurance from friend, all the sorrows would mend,

Fleeting smile from a crush, would make your heart gush,

Only way we would get hurt was falling in the dirt,

Such was my childhood, and in a flash,  I traveled to my girlhood,

Such is the memory that would never fade, such was my life all but parade.

2 thoughts on “While Growing Up!”

  1. Roopal,you have got a fan in me.You have harmonized the words flawlessly and brought the felicity of childhood and the catastrophe of change that comes along with growing up.I am impressed by your use of words.


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