The Agony of my Playground!

A few days ago, during my sojourn in my hometown, I walked past a very familiar place. A place whooping my childhood giggles; a place that brought back a bundle of memories. That was the place where we probably saw the first dusk and dawn of our lives. Once alive with the unfading giggles of children, the park now remains empty, calling for the same exuberant troupe of teenyboppers. From meeting my treasured friends to dealing with the first heartbreaks, this place prepared me for the upcoming adventures. After all the emptiness it has endured since then, I wonder how many lessons it still holds for its kids. This place now screams for the attention, the attention of those kids to whom it can give greatest of the life lessons.

 “come my little ones, I have a lot of songs to sing to you;

 I have heartbreaks to show you how do we thrive,

I have endless joy and lifetime friends to keep you alive,

I have secrets to endure the roller coasters of life,

I am your first lesson, I am your first guide,

Fall, Run, Fight and Love, I have all the opportunities justified,

Come my littles ones, I have a lots of songs to sing to you”

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