And there she reached again! Falling prey to the vicious thoughts and struggling to free herself from the shackles of worry, she gave her all to exit that dingy space. Any situation, a slight out of place, would build a void in her mind. A void that would, in no time, block the ways of thinking sane. This, exactly this, is what leaves her panic stricken. Every thought would make her feel like the walls are closing on her. Every move will lead her to a narrow pathway shrinking every second, eventually suffocating her. Explaining this is as tough as escaping that narrow pathway. It’s not a predetermined willful shift to that space, but a drag by the chain of thoughts that are multiplied by the angst. This is like darkness following you and not leaving you until you are all caught up there.

It’s not just in the mind or it’s not what people say. It just hunts you down and gulps you entirely before you can even realise. Anxiety is real mess, people. HELP them when they need or COMFORT them when it starts showing. From next time on, do not say it’s just in your mind, listen, listen to it without being a judgmental freak.

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